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Version History
The table below shows all changes that have been made to this version of the XML Library:

Release Date Changes and Additions
2.1.2 8/5/2013
Fixed bug where the 'strt' node property was not being set properly for CDAT nodes when using stsXML_SetNodeData. (Thanks to James Nicholson-Plank for finding this and reporting it.)
2.1.1 9/14/2010
Fixed bug where tag names that were separated from attributes by some whitespace other than a space wound return a parsing error.
2.1 5/31/2008
Added support for Linux.
Added "CollapseNode" parameter to stsXML_CreateNode and stsXML_AppendChild to allow for the removal of whitespace when creating a node (so it can show up as <tag>data</tag>)
Fixed bug in stsXML_FindNodesByAttribute and stsXML_FindNodesByData where the returned value would have an extra CR appended to it if only one matching node was found.
Enhanced the documentation to correct errors and provide better complete examples to make it easier to get started using the STS XML Library.
2.0.4 3/29/2007
Fixed bug where stsXML_DeleteNode would remove the parent's end tag if you deleted the last child of an ELEM node
Fixed bug where stsXML_libVersion could return "Standard" for the third line of the returned result even though the current library was "Basic"
2.0.3 8/27/2006
Fixed bug where children of an ELEM tag that had 2 or more indexes would also be given an index number of 1 when they shouldn't (i.e. two main tags >product<, each with a child >title< would have an index of [1] for the first product and [2] for the second product, but the title would also get an index of [1] (which it shouldn't get)
Fixed bug where stsXML_DeleteNode would collapse a parent node to an empty tag when there were two children of the parent node and one child was deleted
Added ability to pass a simple number as a node number, and have it expanded to a full node ID (so if you pass "2" for a node number, it counts as "2.0")
2.0.2 5/17/2006
Enhanced stsXML_GetNodeData to provide access to embedded CDATA.
Fixed bug where stsXML_getAttribute would not do an exact attribute match ("textSize" would match "size")
Fixed bug in documentation where stsXML_dump example showed "1.0" as an acceptable parameter when it really should be "1".
Added ability for stsXML_dump to extract the document number from a node ID if it is passed one (i.e. "1.2" becomes comes "1", etc.)
2.0.1 3/21/2006
Fixed bug in _stsXML_wipeFamily that was calling a handler that didn't exist (typo). This would produce an error when trying to delete a node.
Fixed bug where a small number of variables were not declared, causing problems for those running with explicitVariables turned on.
2.0 3/11/2006 Initial Release