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What's New in Version 2.1?
Support For Linux
Prior versions of the XML Library were targeted for deployment on Windows and Macintosh; version 2.1 is the first version that has been developed and tested to work with Linux as well so that your deployment options can now include the Linux platform.

Better Whitespace Control
Version 2.1 provides an optional "collapseNode" parameter to the stsXML_CreateNode and stsXML_AppendChild methods to allow for the removal of whitespace when creating a node. So instead of creating a new node that has contents that looks like this:
  Content goes here
You can now pass "true" for the "collapseNode" parameter and get this instead:
<myNode>Content goes here</myNode>
Better Documentation
Although the version 2.0 documentation was good, it did not do a good job of getting people started with the Library that had not had past XML experience, or had not used Revolution's revXML.dll first.

The version 2.1 documentation includes additional and more complete examples, and goes over how to use the XML Library Workshop that is included with the download as part of the XML Library to allow you to work with and test out each of the methods on sample XML files without having to use it "live".

Apart from the items listed above, the list of things that have changed or been fixed since XML Library 2.0 are::

Fixed bug in stsXML_FindNodesByAttribute and stsXML_FindNodesByData where the returned value would have an extra CR appended to it if only one matching node was found.