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Have fun with these LiveCode (Revolution) downloads:
  Item Description
Must Haves
RevZilla 2.5
Provides a front-end to the BugZilla bug management system at RunRev. You can post bugs, get a list of your own bugs you've submitted so you can keep track of their status, search for bugs, view individual bug posts, and provides the ability to vote on bugs and features!
Minimum Requirements: LiveCode 4.0, OS X, Windows, or Linux
By Sons of Thunder Software
StackRunner 2.0
StackRunner is a standalone "player" application for running stacks made in LiveCode or MetaCard. It is a lot easier to use and provides no additional interface other than your stack.
Minimum Requirements: Revolution 2.7, Mac OS 9, OS X, Windows, or Linux
By Sons of Thunder Software
Enhanced QuickTime External
This is a must-have for anyone who uses QuickTime... it adds movie editing, snapshots, and nearly ultimate control over your QT movies.
Minimum Requirements: Revolution 2.x (or MC 2.x)
By Trevor Devore at Blue Mango Multimedia
makeSMF 1.33
This awesome set of MIDI tools allows the user to use a text-based format for playing notes (like in HyperCard), along with tools to convert MIDI files to this format. For anyone missing the ability to play notes in LiveCode, this is a must!
Minimum Requirements: Revolution 1.x (or MC 2.x)
Conversion Tools
SuperCard to MetaCard Converter
Version 1.33b6
This utility provides a method of porting SuperCard projects to LiveCode under both Mac and Windows environments. This product is currently in beta, and works best for smaller projects.
Minimum Requirements: SuperCard 3.x, Revolution 1.x (or MC 2.x)
By Runtime Revolution Limited
Rev Docs (PDF)
Version 2.1.2
The online Rev documentation for Rev 2.1.2 in PDF format (3.9 MB).
Rev Docs (RTF)
Version 2.1.2
The online Rev documentation for Rev 2.1.2 in RTF format (1.0 MB).
Rev Docs (TXT)
Version 2.1.2
The online Rev documentation for Rev 2.1.2 in text format (837 K).
'Secrets of Encryption and SSL' Presentation
This stack is the presentation that was made at the 2005 RevConWest convention. (To use it, load it up in Rev, and use the arrow keys for navigation and click on the "envelopes" for more information.)
Minimum Requirements: Revolution 1.x (or MC 2.x)
By Dar Scott
Version 1.0
Commercial: $14.95
This application puts an icon in the Windows system tray, allows you to popup a menu from the icon, flash the icon, display a notification balloon under Windows XP and more. It uses a MetaTalk-like scripting language to control its functions.
Minimum Requirements: Any application that can read/write text files
By Sons of Thunder Software
Polygon Graphic Transformations
Version 01
This stack shows the use of matrices to scale, rotate and skew polygon graphics.
Minimum Requirements: Revolution 1.1.1 (or MC 2.4.3)
By Alejandro Tejada
Graph and Table Objects
This set of programmable objects allow developers to create line graphs, scatter plots, tables and spreadsheets. The table object was originally created by Tuviah Snyder but was later enhanced by Kenneth Simons. They can be pasted into MetaCard or LiveCode and include extensive documentation and examples.
Minimum Requirements: Revolution 1.x (or MC 2.x)
By Kenneth Simons and Tuviah Snyder
Externals Collection
Version 2.0
This collection of externals provides interesting features such as 'answer color', 'say string', 'print file', etc. Mac and Mac OSX versions are available.
Minimum Requirements: Revolution 1.x
By Runtime Revolution Limited
libSMTP 2.5.3
This SMTP library includes support for plain and HTML messages, attachments, authenticated SMTP and more.
Minimum Requirements: Revolution 2.x (or MC 2.5.x)
By Shao Sean
Version 2.0
Basic Version: Freeware
Standard Version: $19.95
This XML Library provides for the ability to parse and retrieve data from XML documents. The Standard version allows for creating new XML documents and adding/changing attributes, along with full source code allowing you to customize it to fit your needs.
Minimum Requirements: Revolution 2.x (or MC 2.4.3)
By Sons of Thunder Software
MetaCard IDE
Version (TBD)
This is a replacement for the tool palette in MC; it can orient either horizontally or vertically, and has a lot of cool features like creating stacks of a predefined size, adjusting the rect of a selected object, built-in card navigation, etc.
It is available in the following forms:
Minimum Requirements: MetaCard (any version)
By Klaus Major
Script Tools
Version 2.0
STS/MLXEditor is a collaboration between Sons of Thunder Software and MindLube Games to provide the ability to use an external text editing application for script editing instead of Revolution's built-in script editor.
Minimum Requirements: Revolution, any text editor
By Alex Rice (Mindlube Games) and Sons of Thunder Software