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The following links might be useful in your development with Revolution:
Link Quick Description
Runtime Revolution, Ltd. The makers of Revolution.
Lists/List Archives
Revolution Mailing List This page holds information about how to subscribe to the Revolution mailing list.
Search the Revolution Mailing List Use Google to search the Revolution mailing list.
Old best.com Mailing List Archive The original mailing list archive for MetaCard.
Old runrev.com Mailing List Archive The first mailing list archive for MetaCard hosted by Runtime Revolution.
New runrev.com Mailing List Archive The current mailing list archive for MetaCard hosted by Runtime Revolution.
Revolution Community
Fourth World Revolution Embassy The Revolution Embassy hosts a number of really cool utilities for Rev, including Go RevNet, the plug in allowing you to utilize the always updated RevNet stack providing stacks, links and downloads to the Rev and MC developer. Way to go 4W!
Shao Sean’s Web Site Provider of libSMTP and other objects for Revolution and MetaCard.
Fred Rinaldi’s Web Site Long time provider of XCMDs and XFCNs for HyperCard; now has a bunch of stuff for the Revolution developer.
Altuit Web Site Chipp Walters has a whole bunch of useful scripts, downloads and plugins for Revolution and MetaCard over at his site.
Klaus Major's Web Site Klaus has a page of very cool utility programs for use with Revolution and MetaCard, including Heim2, his tool palette replacement stack.
HyperActive Software Jacqueline Landman Gay provides tutorials and tips about Revolution.
Mark Talluto’s MC Mirror Mark has a mirror site for downloading MetaCard 2.3.2 on up. Mac, Windows and Linux releases are available.
Sweat Technologies A bunch of really useful stuff here, including libXMLText, libCursor, libColor and more.
Blue Mango Multimedia Trevor DeVore's site that includes the essential Enhanced Quicktime External and libDatabase, among others.
Sarah Reichelt's Web Site Sarah has some wonderful add-ons for Revolution, including a POP library, and SMTP library, and a cool calendar widget, along with tutorials and plugins.
Reference Links
Tactile Media MCI control documentation (for use with MCISendString)
PCRE Organization Perl-Compatible regular Expressions (PCRE) documentation (for use with matchText, matchChunk and replaceText).
Biblioscape RTF Format 1.5 Specification
Apple Computer Dives into how bundles work in OS X - a must read!
Applelust.com This article gives a good overview as to the differences between Carbon and Cocoa applications.
AppleScript Links
Late Night Software The source for the best AppleScript tools on the net.
The AppleScript SourceBook A repository of information about AppleScript.
Creating a Standalone StatusItem Menu This is a ScreenSteps tutorial on the methods of how to use XCode 3 to make a StatusItem menu (a global icon menu that is shown like the date/time and Airport status in the menubar)