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Welcome Developers!
The Developer Resources area is intended to help provide useful links, downloads, tips, tricks and other useful information on each of the tools listed to the left. Many of the resources were gathered from various newsgroups or listservs, and may provide some nugget of help in time or need.

The resources here will be changing pretty consistently, so be sure to check back often and see if there is something new that might be of help.

If you have a tip, link, downloadable file or other useful piece of information that you would like to donate to this site, please contact us at devres@sonsothunder.com.

Platform Support of Various Authoring Tools
Just as a quick reminder, here is the supported platforms of a number of RAD tools, including the ones supported on this site:

Authoring Tools Windows Mac OS Mac OS X Unix
XTalk Tools
LiveCode (was Revolution)
HyperCard   *  
Basic Tools
Visual Basic      
Timeline Tools
Flash **
* Supported in Classic mode only.
** Support is for playback only, no OS-native version available.

General Development Links