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The following links might be useful in your development with Director:

Link Quick Description
Macromedia Director product page The Macromedia site is full of assistance, downloads and support for Director.
Director Web A wonderful site with downloads, helpful hints, and fully searchable digest of the Direct-L mailing list. You can just peruse the site, or you can sign up for Direct-L and talk to other developers like you about Director.

Tips and Tricks
Tips and Tricks
The following tips and tricks were culled from personal experience and from the Director community:

xtra001 - Support of XCMDs and XFCNs in Director
font001 - Getting a List of Installed Fonts

Have fun with these Director downloads:

  Item Description
Version 1.1
This utility uses the PrintOMatic Lite XTra to provide better script printing capabilities than those built into Director 5. (Note: This may not be useful or compatible with the current version of Director, as this was developed a long time ago.)

Minimum Requirements: Director 5.0 or later, PrintOMatic XTra (Lite or Heavy)