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STSTray 2.0.1
STSTray is a solution that was designed to be used with any Windows application so long as it can read and write plain text files. It works on all versions of Windows from Windows 95 to Windows Vista.

STSTray is, at its simplest, an application that allows you to display an icon in the Windows system tray. But that's not all that it is able to do! Using the TrayScript scripting language it can also:
  • Display a menu when the user clicks on the icon, and take actions when the user selects an item from the menu, including communicating back to your application what the user selected
  • Display a tooltip when the mouse passes over the icon
  • Display a notification balloon under Windows XP and Windows Vista
  • Flash the icon at a user-settable time interval
  • Switch back and forth between two icons at a user-settable time interval
  • Display an "answer" dialog box with different settings, and capture the selection made by the user to pass back to MetaCard/LiveCode
  • Write a file to disk
  • Launch a program
  • Icons can be GIFs, JPEGs, or ICO files, and will automatically scale to fit the system tray
  • Check a web server and notify users when updaters of your product is avaialble
  • And much more...!
A fully-featured Demo Version is available, and the Licensed Version is $19.95 per developer seat for unlimited deployment in unlimited products! So what do you have to lose?

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STS XML Library 2.1.1
STS XML Library for LiveCode is available, allowing a completely scripted way of parsing and manipulating XML documents without extra files needed. It comes in two versions:
  • Basic Edition: A freeware version that provides the ability to read and parse multiple XML documents. This version does not provide writing capabilities (i.e. you can't change attribute values, create or delete nodes, etc.) or DTD support and the library comes as a locked stack.
  • Standard Edition: A commercial version for $19.95 that provides the ability to read, parse and write multiple XML documents. This version does not come with DTD support. The library comes as an unlocked stack so you can modify the scripts for custom behaviors.
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