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What is ScriptPrinter?
The ScriptPrinter project is used as an Xtra in Director versions 5 and higher. It works with the PrintOMatic Lite or PrintOMatic Heavy XTra (which shipped with Director 5 and 6) to provide better script printouts than Director does naturally.

How Do I Install ScriptPrinter?
Simply place in the XTras folder and then launch Director. It will be available in the XTras menu when you need it.

How Do I Use ScriptPrinter?
Call it from the XTras menu in Director when you are ready to print. You can choose the scripts you wish to print at that time, or print them all. You can also set the margins, orientation, font and font size.
Splash Screen (Windows) Main Screen (Windows)

Prints your scripts in any font or size
Allows you to change the page orientation
Allows you to print all, one, or some of the scripts in your cast(s)