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Clut Editor
SuperCard project / Freeware

Minimum Requirements
Downloadable Items
What is the Clut Editor?
The Clut Editor is a SuperCard 3.x extension that allows you to edit any color lookup table (CLUT) from within SuperCard’s Project Editor at runtime.

How Do I Install the Clut Editor?
The download includes three files:
  • Clut Editor Extension (a SuperCard document)
  • ClutMaster XFCN (a SuperCard document that contains the XFCN used by the Clut Editor Extension)
  • Clut Editor/ClutMaster Read Me (a DOCMaker application)
To install the extension, place the Clut Editor Extension in the the Extensions folder that is inside your SC Pouch. That’s it! You can do this at any time, regardless of whether SuperCard is running or not.

How Do I Use the Clut Editor?
Normally the Project Editor allows you to display a CLUT (or Color Palette) by clicking on the Show Color Palette button in the lower-left corner of the Colors palette (shown outlined in red).

Colors Palette

The CLUT to be displayed is shown in the popup menu to the right of this button, which in the example above is the “System” palette. This would normally bring up the following window showing the System CLUT, that only allows you to view it and then click it to close the window:

System Palette

The Clut Editor extension is designed to override this behavior so that clicking on the Show Color Palette button will bring up the enhanced Clut Editor which has an interface that mimics that of SuperEdit’s CLUT editor, and looks like this:

While the Clut Editor is open, you can select one or a range of colors, change colors, create color ramps, import and export color value data, and a host of additional features... everything is clearly documented in the Read Me that is included with the download.

Works as an extension to the Project Editor
Provides a familiar interface for those used to manipulating CLUTs in SuperEdit
Allows you to import and export CLUTs in Photoshop, Debabelizer, and Raw RGB values
Can copy and paste swatches
Can perform blends between two swatches
Optionally displays specific RGB value data on the swatches in your current selection