Selecting After the Text of an Ask Dialog
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Hi All,

By default, when you do an "ask" and supply a default value, Rev selects all the text in the ask dialog's entry field. I have a case were the data entered needs a prefix, which the program can calculate and display, but then I want the users to append more data. In this case, I wanted the cursor to appear after the text instead of having it all selected.

Here is what I worked out to do this:

on getInfo
  send selectAfterAskText to me in 1 tick
  ask info "What?" with "ABC"
end getInfo

on selectAfterAskText
  select after text of fld ID 1119 of stack "Ask Dialog"
end selectAfterAskText
I thought others might need the same thing so here it is :-)

Posted on 2/7/2006 by Sarah Reichelt to the Use Revolution list