Preloading QuickTime to Eliminate Startup Delay
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> "It can take Revolution (or MetaCard - Ed.) a second or two to load the code needed to use
> QuickTime, depending on the machine speed. Since this code is only
> loaded once per session, you can speed up the first occurrence of a
> QuickTime-related action by calling the QTVersion function during
> otherwise dead time—for example, during startup of your application—to
> preload the code."
> I have done this in a preOpenCard handler, however the first time I
> request QT services thereafter I still get about a 2 second delay.
> -Kurt

I had this problem, too, when I had an application that had a player on its first card that would be started by an mouseEnter.

I was wondering for hours what could cause my app to "hang" for a couple of secs :-(

Now i just start a player on openCard of the first card of my apps. (Windows only ;-)

I just put an empty sound into that player; open your favourite sound editing app, create a new sound and just add 1 or 2 millisecs of silence !!!

Save it as "" or whatever and start it when your app starts.

Worked fine for me.

Posted 6/14/2002 by Klaus Major to the Use Revolution list   (See the complete post/thread)

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