Using 'setProps' With a Custom Property Set
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>I don't think there is currently a way to do that. If you have:
>setProp myArray theValue
> -- stuff here
> pass myArray
>end myArray
>... and you execute "set the myArray[10] of this stack to 100", you will
>trigger the setProp handler, and 'theValue' will contain '100', but you
>won't be able to retrieve the '10' key.
>Am I wrong? I'd love it if I were...

Sorry. I missed the beginning of this. Is this what you need?
on mouseUp
  set the myArray["age"] of me to "very old"
end mouseUp

setprop myArray[whichKey] pValue
  switch whichKey
    case "name"
      answer "Your name is" && pValue
    case "age"
      answer "You are" && pValue
  end switch
end myArray
Posted 5/6/2002 by Dave Cragg to the Use-Revolution List    (See the complete post/thread)