Turning Your Standalone Into a Windows Service
Windows Only (Windows NT/2000/XP Only)

> I know it's possible to write "faceless" applications with Rev... is it
> possible to write a "service?"
> [Services are programs that automatically run at startup (before a user
> logs in), run under their own separate session, can be started and stopped,
> and generally have no user interface]

Give FireDaemon (http://www.firedaemon.com) a try. With FireDaemon you can install and run any application as a windows service. I did not try it with apps created with Revolution, but with vbs scripts and small exe i created with VB.
(Editor's Note: The FireDaemon web site indicates that it should work with any application, and even specifically references "scripting interpreted languages" like Ruby, Python, etc. so it should work fine with a Rev application.)

Another tool similar to the above is AtYourService (http://www.prismmicrosys.com/atyourservice/index.htm)

And here's a description "How to create your own user-defined services unter Win NT/200x/XP", if you want to do it without the tools above:


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Posted 6/27/2006 by Matthias to the Use-Revolution List