Dialing a Phone Number With the modem: Port
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> Hello,
> Few years ago, I have used the dial function in Hypercard, e.g. : dial 05552222
> What is the corresponding function in Metacard?
There is none in MetaCard. You could try to build something like that yourself. E.g.:
on dial dNumber
  open file "modem:" for write
  write "ATDT" && dNumber to file "modem:"
  close file "modem:"
end dial dNumber

Regards, Sjoerd

Posted 2/28/2002 by Sjoerd Op 't Land to the MetaCard List   (See the complete post/thread)

Macintosh users that want to dial a Phone number from MetaCard using a Global Village Voice-Modem must add "return" after dNumber.
on dial dNumber -- function by Sjoerd Op 't Land
  open file modem: for write
  write "ATDT" && dNumber && return to file modem:
end dial dNumber
As I don't want to close the modem immediately after dialing, I put the last handler in a button:
on mouseUp
  close file modem:
end mouseUp

Modified 4/8/2002 by Alejandro Tejada to the MetaCard List   (See the complete post/thread)