Unicode/Localized Menus in OS X

Localized Menus/Menu Items
The first thing i do after installing a new version of RR is to create an EMPTY folder "German.lproj" into "Revolution.app/Contents/Resources/"...

And this is what i does:

This means you can leave these menus/items in ENGLISH!

Does also work in a standalone, of course, since the standalonebuilder copies ALL resources to the new app...

This trick may probably work with any language supported by OS X...
Tested with dutch, french and italian... And english obviously ;-)

Posted 10/21/2004 by Klaus Major to the Use-Revolution list

Unicode in Menus

>1. How did you make cascading menus in unicode?

Easiest way to do it would be to create a field, set the tabstops property, then start typing japanese into it. Then set then textfont of the button to a japanese font and set the text of the btn to the unicodetext of the field.

>2. How did you handle the File/Edit menus in unicode in OS X?

The last two items of the file menu (rather the first menu) will be deleted regardless in OSX, so it should be a divider and quit. For the edit button it looks at the buttons name and if the name is "edit" it delete the last two items of that menu as well. If you need the edit menu to display the title in japanese, set the label of the button.

Last time I checked creating submenus worked fine in the IDE.

Posted 10/21/2004 by Tuviah Snyder to the Use-Revolution list