Trapping F13 through F15
Mac OS 9

>I have a simple script that doesn't seem to work in OSX! I'm using
>the "Functionkey" function to intercept the function keys. I use a
>group of 60 cards to allow outputting up to 32000+ characters
>depending on the function key pushed. If the F10 key or above is
>pushed, it becomes a 2 stroke function, giving me 60 Fkeys. The
>functionkey function seems to be skipped and works for the default
>OSX function. Anyone using the functionkey routine?

No experience here with functionKeys in Mac OS X, but in Mac OS 9 Rev (and MetaCard as well - Ed.) doesn’t send a functionKey message for the keys F13 through F15. You must use a rawKeyDown handler instead to trap those keys. If your functionKey handler works correctly for F10-F12 but not F13-F15, that may be the cause.

Here are their key codes:

F13 = 65377
F14 = 65300
F15 = 65299

Posted 7/10/2002 by Karl Petersen to the Use Revolution List   (See the complete post/thread)