Setting Environment Variables With httpHeaders
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>> Hello everyone,
>> Where can I learn about $QUERY_STRING and other variables that are
>> relevant to processing web forms? I noticed that Jacqueline uses
>> this in her Fiction Search example, and my guess is that it returns
>> the values of form fields that have been typed in by users.
> Nope, these are HTTP environment variables, set by the server. Not all
> environment variables are supported by every server; it depends on
> your ISP and what they allow. Environment variables always start with
> a dollar sign and are always available; they automatically become
> global variables when the script starts up. Here is a list of most of
> them:
Just a little additional information. If you add custom headers to your http requests, these headers will have an environment variable set that matches the header name with "$HTTP_" prepended.

So if, for example, you set a custom header like this:

set the httpheaders to "MYACTION: getdata,123x"
The CGI script will have access to an environment variable named $HTTP_MYACTION whose value will be "getdata,123x".

Posted 9/14/2004 by Dave Cragg to the Use Revolution List