Use of 'Open Location' To Open Email/Web URLs
Mac OS 9 Mac OS X

> Someone said GURLGURL doesn't work on OS X,

Use this, from the revGoURL command in the Revolution libraries:
put "open location ""e& tURL "e into s
do s as AppleScript
> and I don't see a way in Metacard to determine whether the person
> is running OS X or not.

The version function returns the current OS version. In the case of the Mac I'm using now, for example, it returns "9.2.2".

Because a version number may have two or more periods, you can count on being able to do arithmetic comparisons with it directly. To check for OS X in our WebMerge product, I grab the first part of the string returned by "the version" and do the compare on that:
function IsOSX
  if the platform is not "MacOS" then return false
  get the systemversion
  set the itemdel to "."
  if item 1 of it >= 10 then return true
  return false
end IsOSX
> Someone said "mailto" doesn't work on Win32, so it wasn't clear how
> that was handled.

The "open location" method seems to handle that as well.

> Someone had a handler that worked great on Explorer, but apparently
> failed on other browsers.

The "open location" method works pretty consistently here, testing on IE, NN, Opera, and AOL, under OS X (10.1), OS 9.2.2, and 8.6.

One thing to note: NN is much picker about URL formats than IE. In IE, spaces are tolerated, but they've caused trouble in IE. Replace the spaces with "%20" and it works across the test matrix noted above.

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