How to Make a Pie Chart
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> I have a list of ages with percent :
> 0-10 : 15
> 11-20 : 20
> 21-30 : 17
> 31+ : 48
> does anyone know the script how to make a pie chart with this suite of data ?

on mouseUp
  put fld 1 into tData
  put "20,20,220,220" into tRect
  put "blue,green,red,yellow,purple,orange,gray" into tColors
  MakePieChart tData, tRect, tColors
end mouseUp

on MakePieChart pData, pRect, pColors
  lock screen
  -- Set up template object:
  set the style of the templategraphic to "oval"
  set the rect of the templategraphic to pRect
  set the filled of the templategraphic to true
  -- Create legend field:
  create field "PieLegend"
  put it into tLegendField
  set the showborder of tLegendField to false
  set the locktext of tLegendField to true
  set the traversalon of tLegendField to false
  -- Create pie slices:
  put 0 into tCounter
  put empty into tNuObj
  repeat for each line tLine in pData
    add 1 to tCounter
    if tNuObj is not empty then put tNuObj into tOldObj
    create grc
    put it into tNuObj
    set the arcAngle of tNuObj to (360 * (last word of tLine/100) )
    if tCounter > 1 then
      set the startAngle of tNuObj to (the arcAngle of tOldObj)+(the startAngle of tOldObj)
    end if
    put item tCounter of pColors into tColor
    set the backgroundcolor of tNuObj to tColor
    -- Make legend entry:
    put "      "&word 1 of tLine into line tCounter of field "PieLegend"
    set the backgroundcolor of char 1 to 4 of line tCounter of field "PieLegend" to tColor
  end repeat
  -- Position legend field:
  set the height of field "PieLegend" to the formattedheight of tLegendField
  set the topleft of field "PieLegend" to the topright of grc 1
  choose browse tool
  unlock screen
end MakePieChart
Editor's Note: You can change the rect and the color listing to anything you like, and the pie chart will adapt to suit. Note that the parsing of the data is specific to the input provided - if you want your data coming in in a different format, you'll have to make the appropriate modifications.

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Posted on 11/11/2002 to the Use-Revolution list