Hide Animated GIFs to Improve Performance
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> I've been able to import 100's of AU and JPG
> files into stacks. However, importing animated
> GIF's -- either in 100's or even 10's -- causes a
> great slow down of the computer. (I guess the
> system is busy redrawing the GIFs?)
> Any suggestions as to how else to import a large
> number of animated GIF's?

Hide them.

After some testing a while back, it seems that hiding animated GIFs prevents them from being rendered (even if their repeatCount is set to -1, but moving them offscreen does *not* (they still continue to be rendered even when located at -1000,-1000). Hiding them drops processor use down to 0.

Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, Multimedia & Design

Posted on 9/25/05 by Trevor Devore to the Use Revolution list