Reading the Width and Height of a JPEG File
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This is a script which reads the width and height in a given JPEG file. I was planing to enable some weblog cgi scripts I made to handle photos and set the width and height parameters in HTML so that the images even if they are slightly bigger they will fit into a given rectangle and be scaled proportionally. True scaling of images usually requires extra software present on a server.

Here’s the script:

on mouseUp
  answer file "Pick a JPEG:"
  if it <> "" then
    put GetDimensions(it)
    -- puts <width>,<height>
  end if
end mouseUp

function GetDimensions pFilePath
  put url ("binfile:" & pFilePath) into rawFile
  put length(rawFile) into tLen
  put offset(numtochar("255") & numtochar("217"), rawFile) into eoj
  if (eoj+2) >= tLen then put 0 into tCount
  else put eoj into tCount
  repeat while tCount<tLen
    put offset(numtochar("255"), rawFile,tCount) into tOff
    put chartonum(char tCount+tOff+1 of rawFile) into tChar
    if tChar is among the items of "192,193,194,195" then
      put char (tCount+tOff+5) to (tCount+tOff+8) of rawFile into rawSize
      put baseconvert(chartonum(char 1 of rawSize),10,16) & baseconvert(chartonum(char 2 of rawSize),10,16) into hSize
      put baseconvert(chartonum(char 3 of rawSize),10,16)& baseconvert(chartonum(char 4 of rawSize),10,16) into wSize
      put "H=" & baseconvert(hSize,16,10) & "," & "W=" & baseconvert(wSize,16,10) into dimensions
      return dimensions
    end if
    add tOff to tCount
  end repeat
end mouseUp
I'm sure it can be optimized but my knowledge of binary data is less then minimal. One thing the script doesn't check is if the file is a true JPEG. A similar process can read/extract the thumbnail image if the JPEG has one and/or the exif data if it exists but I have a family to feed and my time for playing is over ;-).

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