How 'the filename' Works With Stacks and Standalones
Mac OS X Only

Actually, a funny thing happens with getting the filename of a stack that is a standalone on Mac OS X with 2.4.3.

Since the application is built as a bundle on OS X, and the actual stack is located in a physically different location (not at the place in the hard drive heirarchy that it appears to be, but actually down a few levels... right click on your built application and select “Show Package Contents” to see what I mean), this means that the fileName of the stack will return something very different from what you’d expect.

fileName as a stack only:

/Macintosh HD/Applications/MetaCard/My
fileName in a standalone:
/Macintosh HD/Applications/MetaCard/My Standalone
Something to take into account if you’re finding file names in relation to the fileName of the stack... however, using the directory that MetaCard defaults to will give you to the directory that contains “My” and “My”.

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Posted 8/21/2002 to the MetaCard List   (See the complete post/thread)