Setting Directories With Spaces in the Path
Mac OS X Only (Mac OS X Only)

> From: Simon Lord
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> How can we set the directory to a folder with spaces? In the
> shell I would do the following:
> cd "Mac OS X"
> Under MetaCard I have to do the following which I would assume
> should work:
> set the directory to "/"&quote&"Mac OS X"&quote
> But that returns "can't open directory", am I missing a step?
> Anyone see an error in that script?
> Sincerely,
> Simon

As Klaus replied, you can always do:

set the directory to "/Mac OS X"
But for other UNIX stuff where you are using shell(), you can use "\ " which UNIX sees as a space. So "Mac OS X" and Mac\ OS\ X are seen as the same thing by UNIX.

Posted 6/26/2002 by Richard MacLemale to the MetaCard List   (See the complete post/thread)