Credit Card Processing with Revolution
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Thanks to help from Rev technical support, I can now post a simple, effective, secure solution to processing a credit card through Rev.

1. Sign up for a merchant account with (an reseller). Seems any valid business will likely be accepted. This provides the processing gateway. Cost is under $100. Takes a couple of days.

2. Download the Comodo CA root certificate from here:®ion=North%20America&country=US

3. Put this certificate anywhere you like. Then in your code:

set the sslcertificates to "the path to this certificate"
4. Here's the main code:
on processCard
   local tPostData
   set the sslcertificates to "the path to that certificate"
    -- gather the minimum data requiring by
    -- very detailed information on all of this and other options
    -- are available in the pdf guide you get from Authorize
    put 1.0 into tPostData["x_cpversion"]
    put 2 into tPostData["x_market_type"]
    put 5 into tPostData["x_device_type"]
    put 1 into tPostData["response_format"]
    put totalcharge into tPostData["x_amount"]
    put "AUTH_CAPTURE" into tPostData["x_type"]

    --these next two items use your Login name and a transaction key
    --received from
    put the urlEncode of pLogin into tPostData["x_login"]
    put the urlEncode of pTranKey into tPostData["x_tran_key"]

    -- this next line can be done a number of different ways,
    -- depending on how you want to input the card data
     put the urlEncode of cardData into tPostData["x_track1"]

    -- Turn the array into a string in suitable 'query' style...
    combine tPostData with "&" and "="

    -- Do the post...
    post tPostData to URL  

    -- Get the response from Authorize
     put it into tResponse
end processCard
That's it! Rev takes care of all the security issues behind the scenes.

Works like a charm.

Posted 2/8/2005 by Richard Miller to the Use Revolution List