Overcoming mySQL Connection Problems
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If revOpenDatabase returns the following error message:
'Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server;
consider upgrading MySQL client'
Then this usually means that you are using a version of mySQL that is *later* than the version that the revDB.dll external was designed for (which as of this writing was mySQL 3.x).

mySQL 4.x introduced a different method of encrypting passwords that may not work properly with revDB.dll (or other standalone mySQL utility apps), but luckily mySQL 4.x and later provide a way to convert the encryption from the 'new' format to the 'old' one.

You do this by executing this statement at the mysql command line:

SET PASSWORD FOR 'some_user'@'some_host' = OLD_PASSWORD('some_password');

Posted 2/13/2006 by Ken Ray
Updated 3/21/2006 by Ken Ray