Valentina "Gotchas"
Mac Only (Mac Only)

Here’s a discovery I made using the VXCMD with MetaCard: get a reference to a field ("fldRef") and then execute this code:
on mouseUp
  put "1,2,4,8,16,32" into tFlags
  put "" into tFlagVals
  repeat with x = 1 to the number of items of tFlags
    put Valentina("Field_GetFlag",fldRef,(item x of tFlags)) into line x of tFlagVals
  end repeat
  put tFlagVals
end mouseUp
You’ll notice that you get TRUE for every flag, regardless if whether it’s set or not. The reason is that the item x of tFlags is retrieving the number as a STRING and not as a NUMBER, so Valentina is treating it as such.

To make sure you coerce it to a number, add 0 to the result, so item x of tFlags becomes (item x of tFlags)+0.

Editors Note 2/13/2006: This tip only applies to Valentina 1.x and has not been tested in 2.x to see if this is still true.

Posted 3/21/2003 by Ken Ray to the Valentina List