How To Connect to a mySQL Database
Mac OS X

>1) Rev apparently needs a third party driver for mySQL. Where can a
>compatible one for OSX and other platforms be obtained? The site
>mentioned in the docs seems to be down. Plus, where does one install the
>driver in OSX? The library? Which folder?

Download the latest version of Revolution. The driver (libmysql.bundle) is distributed with it. Simple keep it in the same directory as the application and you should be fine. You should be able to download the latest version of Rev and use the database tools, and database samples (see the contributions page) without installing any additional files. The software db demo samples is compatible with all databases.

>2) If I were to distribute a runtime that made use of these features, I
>what - have to tell the users that they have to scrounge for a driver
>and install it? This would be a non-starter, I think.

You can distribute the mysql client library, but users will need to connect to the mysql server. If your looking for a single user database, try Valentina. The necessary Valentina files are distributed with RunRev, and the software db demo, and translator demo both work with it.

>3) We have started to use Rev as faceless CGI. We use commercial web
>servers, and while we have pretty deep access to them, I don't think we
>can install drivers. We can and have installed Rev though. Is it
>possible to get Rev connected to mySQL under these conditions (as CGI)?

MySQL is a relational database management system, and as such is designed for remote access from multiple users. A MySQL server will need to be installed on the web server, chances are that mysql is already installed. If you are looking for a single user database try Valentina.

It will be possible to use RevDB for faceless CGIs in the next version.

Posted 6/8/2002 by Tuviah Snyder to the Use Revolution List   (See the complete post/thread)