Creating Audio 'Tooltips'
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> I'm using the following is a card script to have Rev speak text, works
> fine unless the target is a Check Box btn.
> How can I add Check Box btns to the items that get read?
> on mouseEnter
> put the text of the target into tS
> if tS is not empty then
> revSpeak tS
> end if
> end mouseEnter

Here is a draft for managing sound tooltips (place it in the card script):

local lAllowSoundTooltip

on mouseEnter
   put true into lAllowSoundTooltip
   send "SayIt" to the target in the tooltipdelay millisecs
end mouseEnter

on mouseDown
end mouseDown

on mouseLeave
end mouseLeave

on mouseRelease
end mouseRelease

on SayIt
   local tS
   if not lAllowSoundTooltip then exit SayIt
   put the mouseLoc into tLoc
   wait 100 milliseconds with messages
   if the mouseLoc = tLoc then
     case "field" is in the target
       put target into tS
       put the short name of the target into tS
     end switch
     put false into lAllowSoundTooltip
     revSpeak tS
   end if
end SayIt

on StopSayIt
   put false into lAllowSoundTooltip
end StopSayIt
Posted 4/6/2005 by Eric Chatonet to the Use-Revolution list