Workaround for Audio Chopped Off When Switching 'filename' of Player
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(Note: This was reported for MetaCard version 2.4.1 and may be fixed in the latest version, but this has not been determined as yet. - Ed.)

> Finally changing to 2.4 and 2.4.1, but am regretting it a bit. Audio
> and animation is an integral of my project. Here's the problem.
> I make use of a lot of short sound clips by changing the filename, eg.
> set the filename of player "sndeffect" to "sound1"
> But every other sound that is played the beginning of the sound clip is
> chopped off. This only happens with changes to the filename of the
> sound clip. If the Filename of the player was never changed the sound
> will be fine each time the Play or Start command is used. Only with
> changes to filename will this phenonemon occur. Buffering didn't help.
> Setting the filename to "empty" didn't help. This has to be a bug.
> I'm using a mac.

I’ve had big success on a Mac after putting a tiny wait command into my handler.

set the filename of player 1 to empty
  wait 5
set the filename of player 1 to ...
Give it a try, it worked for me.

Posted 3/11/2002 by Klaus Major to the MetaCard List   (See the complete post/thread)