Compatibility Notes

The following are a list of items related to LiveCode’s compatibility that have been discovered and reported to the LiveCode Lists:

Program/Item Platform LiveCode/Revolution Version Notes
Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) OS X Rev 2.8.1 The issues discovered with the latest Mac OS Release are:
  • Metal Windows don't refresh properly, so it is necessary to force a refresh with lock screen/unlock screen. (Reported by Sarah Reichelt, workaround posted by Kevin Miller)

  • Standard Buttons only draw as standard if they are 24 pixels high or less, otherwise they render as "square" buttons even though the internal style is still "standard". (Reported by Ken Ray)

  • Palette/Modeless/Modal Windows have a light blue background now instead of pinstriped (so for those of us who have simulated the pinstripe in toplevel windows, we'll have to check for platform now and adjust accordingly). (Reported by Ken Ray)

  • Option/Pulldown/Popup Buttons now adopt the Leopard menu style (i.e. rounded corners), but the ComboBox button doesn't (it still has square corners). (Reported by Ken Ray)

  • Slider Buttons have the top of the slider thumb clipped off (i.e. it's as if it was cropped one pixel to short). (Reported by Ken Ray)

  • Background Patterns in buttons shift colors under Leopard. The following picture shows how two images appear in Tiger (the blue and gray bars) and in Leopard (the purple and light-blue bars):

    It appears as though the Red and Green portions of the colors trade places (61 8E becomes 8E 61, and the Blue portion goes to 255 (FF). (Reported by Ken Ray 11/2/07)

    UPDATE 11/3/07: Trevor reported that (a) it seems to only happen on Intel machines, and (b) it only happeded with some images (he had some buttons with backgroundpatterns that were not affected). In either case, the workaround seems to be to use a graphic instead of a button to house the backgroundPattern - apparently graphics are not affected, but buttons are.

Last Updated: 2007-10-30 12:49 PM